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Accumulator Bags

Accumulator Bags - Rubber & Accumulator Bladders

Here at Indico we manufacture accumulator bags, rubber bladder accumulators or accumulator membranes for a wide range of industry sectors. 

The purpose of a accumulator membrane is to give a flexible rubber lining to an accumulator vessel. These bladders are manufactured to customer specification and can include bladders with rubber moulded necks (sizes of the necks 6,8 and 10 inch inside diameter). We can also chemically bond metal fittings into the top and bottom of the bladder. 

We regularly manufacture accumulator bladders ranging from 5 to 10 000 litre but  they can be made to customer specifications at any size.

Diameters ranging from a few inches to 72 inch diameter.

Our experienced staff endeavour to create and modify products to your exact requirements

Accumulator Bladders to specification.

Custom Rubber Bladders.