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Sleeves - Fluorocarbon & Rubber Core Sleeves

Rubber Core Sleeves / Fluorocarbon sleeves

Food Quality Sleeves

Shotblast sleeves / Abrasive Resistant Sleeves

We offer custom built fabricated rubber sleeves with or without reinforcement. Reinforced sleeves can either be fabricated or mandrel built using cotton, tyre cord (45 degree bias cut), or nylon reinforcement, the latter having a very high tensile strength. The sleeves can be manufactured in various finishes ranging from wrap, cloth, smooth and ground finishes. Many sleeves that we produce are for the food and pharmaceutical industry where cleanliness is paramount inside and out.  

Compounds that we use for the food industry have all softeners removed (phthalate free), products that are manufactured from these come with an FDA approved certificate. 

Sizes Range from " up to 72" diameter

Elastomer Available  


Indico Rubber has its own calender therefore sheet material can be produced from all raw compounds to suit the product. If it needs plying to obtain a certain thickness we can do it to suit your needs.

Rubber Core Sleeves

We also manufacture fluorocarbon sleeves (viton) for the chemical industry. This particular type of sleeve has a perfectly smooth inside diameter with exceptional quality. The sleeves come in various finishes ranging from a wrapped cloth finish to a smooth ground finish. Ground finished sleeves are normally used where the outside diameter is critical. 

Core sleeves are also available in:

  • Hydrogenated Nitrile
  • Nitrile
  • Fluoroelastomer "B"
  • Fluoroelastomer "GF"