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Inflatable Rubber

Inflatable Rubber Sleeves & Products

Indico Rubber Company offer a wide variety of moulded and custom made fabricated inflatable seals with over 30 years in the rubber industry.

Elastomers Include

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber


We also offer FDA approved compounds for the pharmaceutical and food industries, these compounds have many harmful softeners removed from their formulation, phthalate free.

Inflatable products include

  • Inflatable rings
  • Specialised inflatable tyres
  • Lifting Bags
  • Bonding Bags (PVC door industry)
  • Rubber Bladders
    Inflatable actuators (To apply uniform pressure to any doctor blade application)
  • Inflatable actuators ( Seals can be manufactured in any length from a few inches to many several feet)

Inflatable Seals

These are particularly useful where there is an unevenness between two fabricated surfaces and sealing is a problem. In the pharmaceutical industry where contamination has to be kept to a minimum. Rapid sealing and unsealing for processing equipment in the food industry.


We have various valves in stock to suit your inflatable products, but if it is a specialised fitting you need we can custom make a valve or connection piece for you to suit your specific requirements. Moulded Seals.

We have our own in house tool shop therefore response time to an order is excellent.

Indico Rubber can make a difference to your product by improving it, with over 30 years experience and expertise you will not be disappointed.