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Pinch Valve Sleeves

Indico Rubber has been manufacturing pinch valve sleeves for more than 20 years. The compound that we use is very abrasive and constructed using high tensile strength fabrics. The valve mainly consists of abrasive natural rubber compound with high strength fabrics to help to restore the valves shape after it is compressed with air. 

We can either manufacture the valve with or without flanges. We produce valves with various linings, naturally having a better abrasion or neoprene lining to with stand animal fats, greases,ect. We also use white food quality linings for the food industry, the compound that we use is compounded "Phthalate Free" this is preferred with many companies that we supply.

Pinch valve sizes range from 25mm inside diameter up to 200mm diameter.

These valves are ideal for solids handling and corrosive slurries. Steel surfaces would be eroded away very quickly, but with the rubber abrasive lining the steel valve itself is protected and therefore is not affected.


  • Sewage
  • Waste water treatment
  • Mining
  • Coal and fly ash slurry

Indico Rubber only manufacture and supply the replacement pinch valve sleeve, we do not supply the casted shell that the valves fit into.