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Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows

Indico Rubber manufacture and supply a wide range of rubber bellows to all industries. These consist of:

This is a preffered method where tollerances and consistency are critical. Although an initial part tool cost is taken for the mould, the mould, the moulded items are cheaper to produce. 

This is a low cost method to produce a flexible joint. Tooling is considerably cheaper and the parts produced have a slight variation as this is a hand made product.

Reinforced bellows:
These have reinforced nylon or cotton incorporated in there make up. The purpose of this is to withstand internal pressure or vacuum allowing the bellow to retain its shape whilst still allowing flexibility.


We have a stock of standard sized bellows for the food industry. These bellows are supplied in a variety of polymers
such as: Silicone,white EPDM, white food quality natural, chloroprene,ect.

Indico rubber can also offer a variety of colours. Our standard sized bellows are 4 inch inside diameter, 6 inch inside diameter, 8 inch ID and 10 inch ID. We also offer abrasive resistant black natural bellows in the standard sizes.

Using innovative techniques, our experienced staff endeavour to create and modify products to your exact requirements.